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Cannot verify credit check- errors, help?

  • 1 January 2021
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^ when I try to submit my credit check right now.

2 replies

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So, you tried to open an Accenture Koodo through online and got that message?

Then I believe you need to go to a store with proper ID to open it. 

I’d like to reply to my own topic with my solution- which is that trying to verify via SIN did not work however my driving license (just renewed) had no trouble.


I did this online in order to avoid the activation fee per the current promo.


The fact is that any ‘problem’ page that should be displayed when there are issues with SIN checks does not, in fact, display.

This should really be fixed and updated with at least the above solution courtesy of Mayumi.
I am an immigrant and wonder if this had something to do with the failure to read my SIN if this helps with any troubleshooting at all.