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Approximately how long does the return process take?

  • 17 April 2021
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I just ordered an iPhone 12 online from Koodo as a new customer and ported my number over from Virgin. I’m not satisfied with the phone and want to return it, as well Virgin called me and offered an amazing deal, so I am planning on going back to them. I was wondering how long the return process takes? I assume if I go back with Virgin, I won’t be able to port my number back to them again until the return process is completed? 


4 replies

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If you return, it might take 2,3 weeks for them to process (if you bought it online) it is much quicker if you bought from a store. Here is more information https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help/returning-or-exchanging-your-koodo-phone

However, as you already ported your number into Koodo you will lose the number if you return the phone. If you port the number back into Virgin, it is considered asan early cancellation, and you would have to keep and pay for the phone as stated in the agreement.



I talked to an agent on the phone yesterday, and from that conversation my understanding is that once the return is processed, my account will still be active and then I can port my phone number back to Virgin? I feel like I’m getting conflicting advice. 



  • Marina
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When you joined Koodo, did you get the phone at the same time with the plan? Or did you get the phone separately after getting the plan. 
Anyway, if a rep said so, ask him/her to put a note in your account. Otherwise, if the line is disconnected, you would have nothing to prove. 



yes, I got the phone the same time as the plan.