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Wireless home phone rings like a fax

  • 23 August 2021
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I called the WHP number with my cell and the person answering it, and myself, heard a fax tone. The hub was disconnected for a minute then it worked fine. A week ago it wasn't ringing and disconnecting the hub power source also worked to fix that.

Any solutions for these intermittent problems other than disconnecting the hub? My father uses the WHP in a care home and it would be nice for him to have stable service. 




Best answer by rikkster 24 August 2021, 00:22

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2 replies

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Is the hub placed in an area that gets good signal reception?

It’s possible there may be equipment in the care home or in the room your father is in that may be causing interference. Try repositioning the hub to see if that resolves the issue. The best placement for the hub is near a window. 

Thanks rikkster!

We've tried this and we'll see how it goes.