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Wireless Home phone - calls from landlines getting busy signal

  • 21 April 2021
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I switched my landline phone to Koodo wireless home phone about three months ago.  Outgoing calls are no problem but many calls from landlines to my wireless home phone keep getting a busy signal.  If the caller uses a mobile phone instead, the call connects.  I don’t have any call blocking features activated.

The hub is close to a window and gets a strong signal.  I restarted it many times, removed and re-inserted the SIM card.  No change.

Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas on what I can try next?  I’m getting close to reverting to my previous landline service and ditching Koodo wireless home phone.  Thanks for your time.


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The only suggestion I can give is do you have another phone you can test this with? If you can call out without any issues and if incoming calls frequently fail, that almost sounds to me like the handset is refusing to connect properly. We had a WHP for years and we had no issues at all, so I can’t help you much further I’m afraid...

Thanks for your suggestion Sophia.  I have four different handsets, some are basic phones, some have more functions e.g. answering machine.  I have had different ones connected to hub at different times; sometimes two connected to hub at the same time (lines 1 & 2)..  Doesn’t seem to make a difference.  I will try using the Koodo callback service and see if they have any ideas.  Thanks again.

Update:  Koodo/Telus technical support believe the issue is with Shaw.  My WHF number was ported from Shaw and the landlines that are getting a busy signal when they call me are also with Shaw.  Technical support guy has seen the issue before; it was a result of Shaw not removing something from my account with them when I ported to Koodo.  He has contacted Shaw to get them to fix my old account with them (they still think my number is with them).  I’m hoping to get confirmation in a day or two.  Will update then.

Resolved:  Koodo confirmed that Shaw completed the cleanup on their end.  Callers that were previously getting a busy signal are now connecting properly.  I hope this is helpful for anyone with a similar issue in the future.