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Wifi VoLTE phone number error

  • 18 September 2023
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My Dad is a fairly new koodo customer and he ported my number from another provider. Everything works but wifi calling.   He is in Nunavut for work and need this fixed asap as only facebook messenger works for him. 

This is the main reason why he switched knowing he was going to travel in cell dead zone. Volte is turned on but as soon as he turn wifi calling on it asks me to “Enter Koodo mobile phone number and we’ll text you an access code.” He enter his number and the response is “The number entered doesn’t match our records.    Count ******54.  Sent messenger message too with screen capture but no answers.    Can you make sure all is alligned on his account asap please

6 replies

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Is he currently on a postpaid plan and do you know which phone model he was using? Was it compatible with Koodo wifi calling? https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help/wifi-calling

He is on a monthly payment contract.  

He has Samsung S22



He tried activating it with my phien number and it sent me a code via text but when he tries eith his phine number it gives errors.


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His phone plan probably needs the “volte access” addon in the addon section. Could you/him check if that addon was there? 
As well, did you use his Koodo account email to log into this forum? If a rep wants to look up his account they would need the email to find it. 

He cant log on forum it did not lwt him create a community account so we log in using my facebook.  


In koodoo app it shows he has the add on Volte but keep getting error phono number wrong.

If he puts my phone number o his sell phone to activate he does not get error and I get notification very strange why his phine number not beeing accepted.  Last time he tried he was at airport as he works in a dead cell phone zone.

They do have wifi though.


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Let me flag a rep to see if we can have more insight 

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 Hello @Marjolaine Thériault 

We masked the account number shared in the first post and also removed the image since it showed personal information like the phone number. 


Unfortunately we cannot authenticate his account this way. Since he has access to the Self Serve account, can he send us a private message on Social Media via Facebook, Twitter (X) or Instagram ? We can authenticate him directly there and look into the situation on his account. 


From the image shared, the VoLTE feature is present there. I would recommend to reset the network settings ( wi-fi passwords and Bluetooth connections will be lost and have to be re-entered). And try to set up the wi-fi calling with his number on his phone, at a location where both cellular and wi-fi networks are available. 


There is also the option to schedule a call-back in order to speak with our Tech support team in order to authenticate and check the options in order to resolve the situation.