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Wifi calling turns off - help

  • 22 September 2022
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Samsung S9 - Wifi calling occasionally turns itself off for no apparent reason.

No error message or anything. It happens when I'm at home and still connected to wifi. It also happens to my spouse who is also with Koodo and has a Samsung S20 (?). Both our work cell phones are also on wifi calling but with Bell and they never disconnect from wifi calling. 

I do all the steps to get it working again, with the code and address and all and it doesn't work. Wants me to try again later. Urgh... This is starting to get really annoying. 

Also, why do I have to pay a monthly fee for cell service when there's actually no cell signal where I live. Koodo says that they service my municipality but I always have just one bar of signal so that's why I'm always, always using wifi calling at home. 

So my questions are

1. Where is the issue with wifi calling? My phone or with Koodo??? (Especially since our Bell phones don't have this issue) How do I get it fixed?

2. How to I address the shitty cell signal with Koodo? i.e I pay for a service they don't provide. 


2 replies

I am having the same issues as well on my S20+. It was working yesterday, just today it randomly stopped working and cannot enable it.

I am having the same issue with an LG K41S. It seems to me that if it even gets a hint of service, the wifi calling cuts out, but the cell service is fleeting and calls get dropped before wifi calling comes back on again. Wifi calling has worked for the two years I’ve had this phone and I’m in the same place with the same ISP, same router, same plan and service. Almost every call I’ve made or received in the past few days has been cut off, including several with Koodo support. I’ve reset network, refreshed the access point name and they did something on their end, but one day later it’s still cutting out. The only thing they mentioned that I have not done yet is getting a new sim card. Unfortunately, the nearest Koodo store able to provide a free replacement is an hour’s drive away, so though I’ll have to pay it will still be cheaper to order it online (through Telus apparently, not Koodo). Waiting for another call back from support.