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unable to roam (iceland)

  • 22 September 2022
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So. It seems like it can roam... theoretically... as soon as I turned off my airplane mode, a bunch of messages came through... while connected to Vodafone. Then it's like it decided it just didn't want to anymore and can not connect to any of the providers here. Easy roam is on. I even received an email saying "looks like someone is roaming in iceland on Vodafone". I tried to remove the auto connection and connect manually. I've tried turning it off and on.. now im wondering of theres something in the back end that's funky.  But I can't even call koodo tech support since I can't roam. Any thoughts?

1 reply

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Hi there, we have looked into your account and you forgot to add one of the add-ons, we have added it. Please restart your device and everything should be functioning. 


Here is a helpful article: