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Sometimes not receiving texts

  • 26 November 2021
  • 2 replies

Hello, weird problem is starting to occur. I have Asus Zenfone 5 been great for two years but now I sometimes don't receive texts. So to fix I remove sim card while on then soft reset, then good for a couple of days, then it comes back, any ideas? Thanks for advance.

2 replies

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Which phone do you have?

Try resetting your phones’ network settings. On Android devices, this setting/feature is usually found under Settings > Backup and Reset. Or, type ‘reset’ in the Settings menu search bar and look for ‘reset network settings’ then tap and follow the onscreen prompts.

For iPhone; go to Settings > General  - scroll down and tap Transfer or Reset iPhone. Select Reset, then select Reset Network Settings and follow the on-screen prompts and allow the iPhone to reboot. 

Resetting your phones’ network settings does not erase any user data from your phone and restores cellular, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings to their factory default values. You will have to re-enter saved Wi-Fi passwords and Bluetooth devices will have to be re-paired (if applicable). VPN settings will also have to be reconfigured (if applicable).

Let us know if this resolves this problem.

Thanks rikkster for your help, i will try that if it acts up again and will let you know.