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  • 16 September 2022
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I have been a kodoo customer for around a decade. I just paid off my phone, and called a few weeks ago to discuss a promotion. The rep found a solution and set up a date and rime to call me once my previous contract had finished. That was supposed to be tonight, but they never called me.


I also noticed that i am still being charged the same fee prior to paying off the phone. I am concerned about being charged a fee for a new month since today was the renewal date.


There are no call back options except for Saturday, so I am worried I will be charged the 2 days that my plan was not switched over. 


I tried calling the local koodo for help, and they would pick up the phone, but did not answer it.  I could hear a rep discussing someone else's phone details (which is not confidential!)


I have never had these experiences before! I didn't want ro have to wait until sat eve, but it looks like I am going to have to. 


Do I have any other options to get this resolved sooner? I wouls appreciate anyone's thoughts about this. 

2 replies

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Most of their promotion was actually online in selfserve.  Have you tried to upgrade your phone there? If you upgrade with a rep, there could be an extra connection fee involved.

I actually need a manual change to my phone plan, and the rep was able to customize a new plan and phone for me related to my account that was not available on self- serve.  So, I am not able to use self serve, or I would have. 


It's a result,  have no choice but to wait for the callback and then tell them what happened. I am a patient person, and this is a unique situation which has become unnecessarily complicated for me. I didn't want to have to deal with extra charges and potentially need to speak to a supervisor to deal with it all.


I should have gotten the person's name and direction contact  #.  I usually do, but i trusted they would contact me since we set an appointment well in advance. 


Hopefully I can get it sorted out tomorrow during the callback.