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odd phone calls

  • 26 November 2021
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I think something is wrong with my phone or the network. The issue started happening earlier today, where I can speak to someone sometimes for a few seconds and then everything gets garbled or I hear weird noises and tapping and static. I often also hear those weird noises when I dial and call someone. I tried to test this with my husband so he could hear it when he got home today, and as soon as I started dialing his number you could hear the clicking and tapping and some weird static interference noises I almost thought I heard someone's voice for a second. It's super creepy, and what's even creepier is that even though my phone was dialing him, nothing was happening on his end. When it finally clicks in on my end is if it went to voicemail, there's no voicemail message just weird static and weird noises and clicking again. My husband tried to swap our SIM cards, to see if the SIM card was the issue. We then tried using his phone and that's when we discovered his phone is also doing this, but he seems to think that his phone was fine before we swap SIM cards. I also wanted to mention that when I hear the garbled noises when I call someone, they can apparently hear me perfectly.  I tried to get a hold of customer service but because now it's happening to both my husband and my phones, we can't call through to anybody unless we use third-party apps like WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. Is anybody having any issues with this today? I also noticed too that sometimes I'll have full service, and then it goes to emergency calls only. The thing is I haven't even moved and where I am I get service here all the time so it's really strange. I'm a bit concerned, and if anybody could ease my mind it would be really great. I'd be really grateful, thanks. 

1 reply

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Try resetting your phones’ network settings. On Android devices, this setting/feature is usually found under Settings > Backup and Reset. Or, type ‘reset’ in the Settings menu search bar and look for ‘reset network settings’ then tap and follow the onscreen prompts.

For iPhone; go to Settings > General  - scroll down and tap Transfer or Reset iPhone. Select Reset, then select Reset Network Settings and follow the on-screen prompts and allow the iPhone to reboot. 

Resetting your phones’ network settings does not erase any user data from your phone and restores cellular, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings to their factory default values. You will have to re-enter saved Wi-Fi passwords and Bluetooth devices will have to be re-paired (if applicable). VPN settings will also have to be reconfigured (if applicable).

Make a few test calls to see if this has resolved the issue. Keep us posted.