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No incoming calls afyer porting

  • 22 November 2022
  • 2 replies


We were coerced to join Koodo from Chatr. Thr move itself was quite lengthy, we didn't get the deal we were promised and worst of all both my spouse and I have no incoming calls at all, all the day long. 

How are we supposed to work like this? Can't reach Koodo customer care. Restarted phone, switched Sims, turned flight mode on/off, checked network settings. Please help. Thank you

2 replies

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How did you transfer your number to Koodo? was it done by a rep or by yourselves? as of now, is your Chatr number working?

Same is happening to me right now. I can make phone calls but I don't get any, not even sms. When I call myself from other phone I get the previous carrier voice mail message. How long it takes to completely port a number?