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Motorola hyper screen bugs/ no new phones available?

  • 22 September 2021
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Why is there no selection anymore? Last time I looked there was a ton more options. All I want is an LG or something. But nope stuck with Samsung which is too expensive, Huawei which I'm using now and is absolute garbage, or TCL which I've never heard of and Google says they're worse than huaweis.


when are you getting others back in stock?

the only reason I need a new phone is my Motorola hyper bugged out and the screen started doing weird stuff on its own without reason. And I can't get it repaired because mobile klinik told me they don't deal with Motorolas. And Koodo didn't apply the protection plan again when I made sure I selected to when I bought it. Not like it would matter because Koodo deals with mobile klinik instead of asurios now.


so how can I get a new phone I'm actually happy with instead of the limited selection you have? Do I need to switch from Koodo? If so I'm refusing to pay off a dime.


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LG decided to shut down their mobile operations a few months ago and are no longer making phones so Koodo has just sold whatever they had left in stock and that's it.

Was there another model of phone you would be interested in that you aren't seeing online?