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Lg Velvet 5G

  • 16 September 2023
  • 2 replies

I switched to 5G plan and do not see any 5G Carriers but am in 5G coverage area as per map .

I tried restarting the phone a few times.

The auto  mode selected includes 5G.

Bought the phone from Koodo long before they offered 5G. Could it be incompatible frequency with this model LM-G900UM ?

2 replies

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5G coverage in Canada is still somewhat limited. My AT&T LM-G900UM works fine in US and Canada, but only gets the 5G icon in limited areas, regardless of the carrier.

Mobile phones home in on the strongest compatible signal. 5G requires a stronger signal than older technologies. If the closest tower does not support 5G or offers a stronger signal on 4G, you are stuck with what they offer.


Thanks for your comments - that is very helpful to know. I will try searching when I am in city urban  area like Toronto.