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How to switch from a broken phone?

  • 7 October 2021
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My husband put his iPhone SE in the washing machine last night. It obviously no longer works. I have an old SE kicking around that I have given to him. We are BOTH Koodo customers with active accounts. How do we go about activating my old phone so he can start using it as his phone?




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3 replies

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If you ever have problem with the phone connecting to the network, don’t forget that it might be because the SIM wen in the washing machine. Might cause some issues later down the road because of corrosion.

Thank you! That did work. I did not even consider that because it has gone through the wash but it seems to be working just fine in the new phone. Thanks! 

You should be able to just put his SIM into the other phone and it work straight away. I move my sim around testing phones all the time.