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Block picture/voice messages due to 500$ Overages | 15$, 250MB, 100min, unlimited text-only

  • 4 February 2022
  • 3 replies

Hi, i got my 13 yo 15$ plan with 100 min calling and unlimited text-only SMS. It turned out, anything other than text is an overages! like emojis & reactions each at 0.33$. My sone managed to top the security limit 500$ in 3 days!

My ask is simple, how to block MMS, Picture messages, etc.. I don't care about messages if it needs to be blocked all together! but I want a solution to this mess!




3 replies

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Easiest solution would be to switch to prepaid:

Koodo: $15 100min calling, unlimited SMS/MMS

Public Mobile: $15 100min outgoing calling, unlimited incoming calling, unlimited SMS/MMS

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I'd also suggest asking Koodo for a reduction in what you owe considering the reason and that any plan with mms included wouldn't have had this happen no guarantees but it's always worth it

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Yes, get him on a Public Mobile plan right away. He gets the same minutes/data for the same amount, and unlimited worldwide picture messaging.

The Koodo $15 postpaid plan is sheer garbage, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy 😠