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Which phone should I get?

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You may or you may not know that recently, my Blackberry has died. After calling Koodo's loyalty department, I'd manage to get a discount on my tab. Now it's about -20. I am in need of a new phone now. Mind you that I am only 14 years old, so I can't really afford anything amazing. I am planning to get the Samsung Galaxy Ace - Certified Preowned which costs $100. With that, my tab would be around -$120. Do you guys think this is a good idea? Is Certified Preowned safe? I really don't want this phone to break like my Blackberry did numerous times. Thanks. (:

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Are the Certified Pre-owned/Refurbished phones safe? Or should I just pay the extra money and get a new Galaxy Ace or possibly a new Galaxy S II X? It would be nice for my wallet to get the used Ace but if it's not worth it, I guess getting the new Ace/S II X is the right choice. What do you guys think?
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S II X all the way!
S2X blows anything out of the water from camera to dual channel data available in most areas - In urban areas I do get 12-22mbps speeds thanks to dual channel so who needs LTE? More expensive but worth it if you can scrounge it up to future proof your phone vs new one quickly again.