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When can we take advantage of the new plan pricing on current plans. Specifically the $45 plan that expires May 3rd

The new TAB plans were announced today. The $45 bonus plan will result in savings for 3 of my lines per month. How do I change to them and can I do it with only the $5 tab charge as I have currently.

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You need to call into Koodo to change to the new plans. Also you need to have your existing tab paid off before you can change to the new plans
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You can actually take advantage of the plans today, however, In order to do so, you'll need to first pay off any remaining tab balance that you have. You cannot make the plan change in self serve just yet, tentatively that will happen in may. You'll need to call into koodo and ask them to change your plan. They won't charge you to make the change because you can't do it yourself. Good luck