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What is the purpose of a tab?

I don't understand what a tab is and why I would opt for one. is it a way to pay for a new phone on a monthly basis? How does it work for a new account?

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The tab is essentially an interest free loan that you can use to purchase a phone from koodo. As long as you stay with koodo the tab is paid off at a rate of 15% of your monthly bill before taxes (on medium and large tabs you pay an extra $5 or $10 respectively directly towards the tab).
thanks, that helps. but does the tab end up costing you more than if you bought the phone outright -- i know you said its interest free, but i looked at one example and it seemed the tab was increasing the cost of the phone. it just seemed really unclear to me. cheers
If you take, for example the Blackberry Q5. It is $150 On a small tab - you walk away with the BB Q5 - without having to pay the $150 upfront. You then owe $150 on the Tab. Good news is, Koodo takes 15% of your monthly bill, and takes it off the tab. For example a 40$ plan reduces your tab by 6$ every month. Combine with the fantastic referal program, if a friend brought you over to Koodo, and that gives back another 25$ to you and your friend. And it is reduced to 0$ after 24 months if not paid off. Some of the other models(not the BB Q5) provide a free.gift for a limited time, so its a great time to sign up if you are looking into it. Also a bigger tab available for a more expensive device. Great place to start: http://help.koodomobile.com/getting-started-with-koodo/the-tab-what-it-is-and-how-it-works
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No. Using the tab will always cost you less than buying the phone from Koodo outright. You might be able to find the same phone elsewhere for less than koodo charges, but that's the only way you might get a better deal. In addition, if you buy the phone elsewhere koodo cannot guarantee that it will work.
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A tab allows you to pay off a portion of the up-front cost of your phone monthly. There are three tab options, tab small, medium and large. The tab small allows you to reduce the up-front cost of your phone by $150, and then Koodo pays down that $150 by reducing it by 15% of your pretax monthly plan bill. For instance, you want to purchase a $300 phone and pick a monthly plan of $39. You will only pay $150 (plus tax) up front for that phone, with the remaining $150 going on your tab. Each month, the remaining tab balance will be reduced by $5.85 (which is 15% of your $39 pretax plan bill). This is not out-of-pocket money for you, this is simply the benefit to being a customer on the tab. This will continue until the tab reaches $0, or until 2 years have passed, in which case the tab automatically reduces to $0, so any remaining balance will be wiped out after 24 months. The tab medium allows you to take $300 off your phone price, (so in the case of a $300 phone, you get it for $0 up front) and also reduces the tab balance by 15% of your pretax bill, but also requires you to pay an additional $5 out-of-pocket monthly fee since you are getting a larger up-front subsidy on the phone. So, for a $39 plan, your $300 medium tab would be reduced by $10.85 monthly, where $5.85 is 15% of your pretax plan bill plus $5 you are paying out-of-pocket monthly. So in this case, you would be playing $44 plus tax per month, $39 for the plan, and $5 for the medium tab. Again, this will continue until either the tab runs to 0, or until 24 months have passed where any remaining balance automatically goes to 0. So you will no longer have to pay $5 additional per month once this happens unless you want to renew your medium tab with a new phone at that point. Tab large is similar to the medium, except you must pick a tab large plan (the cheapest starts at $70) and it allows you to take up to $500 off a phone up front with the tab balance to be reduced as always by 15% of your pretax plan bill, plus $10 per month out of pocket. So in the case of a $70 plan, your $500 tab will be reduced by $20.50 monthly, $10.50 of which is 15% of your $70 plan price, and $10 out of pocket. So your monthly bill will come to $80 pretax ($70 for the plan, $10 for the tab). This will also continue until the tab reaches $0 or until 24 months have passed in which any remaining tab balance is wiped out. You will then not have to pay $10 additional per month unless you want to renew your tab large with a new phone at that point. This link may help: http://koodomobile.com/en/on/tab.shtml
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I'd just like to add that if the 15% Koodo contribution and any Tab charges don't add up to the $6.25 needed each month for Tab S and $12.50 needed each month for Tab M, then Koodo will adjust it each month accordingly. It's in the service agreement you'll get in store upon activating your phone.
What if i need to stop the service for less than 24 months?how much should i pay back to Koodo to get my phone unlocked? What is other fee i have to pay?i have to return back to my county in 12 months. What is the best plan for me? Looking for a new phone and plan