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WHat is the point of the new tab system?

How does the tab work if I want to get a new phone? It just seems like the cost of the new phone is split into monthly installments that are added onto my bill. My bill is like $29 and I have a tab of +16 and I want ti get the Samsung S4, but it says $15/moth, so in the end I just have to pay $44/month for two years? Is that the new change? How does the tab factor in at all?

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That's basically the new Tab system. The newer plans are cheaper from a BYOD perspective. Then any Tab gets added on top.
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Koodo is now transparent in how you pay off your tab. You have a better understanding how to pay off your phone. You pay separate for your monthly plan and device. The cost of the plans have been lowered to compensate for this new change. Depending on your overall credit score, you can put up to $360 on the new tab. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a retail price of $360. You have the flexibility to choose how much you want to pay for your phone and how much you want to put on the Tab. If you decide to put the full amount on the Tab, you would pay $0 in-store and your Tab balance would be 360. Your Tab balance would then be divided by 24 to calculate your monthly Tab charge. So this means that your monthly Tab charge would be $15/month and your total monthly bill would be $44/month. When your Tab balance reaches zero, your monthly bill would drop and your bill would be $29/month. Since Koodo does not have a contract, you can settle your tab after three months if your account is in good standing and you just pay for your monthly plan and you save!
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Anyone can leave any company by paying off their tab balance/device balance. It is a contract by the definition of the word "contract". It's just not a "fixed-term contract" like the Big 3 do but regardless, anyone can leave any carrier at anytime by paying off their tab/device balance/settle their account.