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what if my tab is positive and I no longer want to continue with koodo? Do I just lose that money?

I am moving to the states and I cannot continue my plan ; therefore, I must change mobile phone providers. I currently have a positive tab of $50.00 and because that is %10 of my bill, I will be losing money and I can't use it to buy a new phone because I will no longer be with koodo.

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Hi Robert, Unfortunately when you cancel your account you will lose the positive tab you have accumulated. The tab "money" you see has no actual monetary value except for when it can be applied to upgrading your device, it can't be used on anything else. Hope that helps answer your question
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Hey Robert. Nice name btw. What you could do is buy a device and sell it on kijiji so you're not losing that money
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In reality you're not actually "losing" money since Koodo was contributing that for you. You weren't paying into the positive Tab. Robert has the right idea, though: get like... a Moto G or Lumia 635 and either A. Sell it to recoup some money or B. Unlock it and keep it as a backup phone for the U.S.
Thank you !