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What do you mean by bringing in your phone,10% off the monthly fee? No tab? what is tab?

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The details are explained on the site... If you already have a phone, you can use it on Koodo's network assuming it is unlocked to allow it !0% would come off of the rate plan charge before tax. The tab is an interest free loan by Koodo to allow you to potentially get a phone for free or at least a significant amount off. Take a few minutes and read the details on the site for a visual.
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Just another word on the Tab, It's an interest free loan that you never have to repay. Here's how it works. Koodo will "Loan" you up to 500$ (as long as you qualify) to use towards a Koodo Phone. Each Month, Koodo calculates 15% of your bill and applies it to your tab. If you're on Tab Medium (300$) or Tab Large (500$) Koodo will also charge you a TAB CHARGE and apply that to your Tab Balance. 5$ and 10$ Respectively . Tab Small (150$) has no tab charge. The Tab (even if it's not totally paid off yet) is automatically cleared after 24 Months One of the great advantages of using a Tab is that if you decide you're done with the phone you have now you can simply pay off your tab and Koodo will give you another Tab to get another phone. OR you can switch to the 10% sim only discount since you own your phone and don't owe anything to Koodo. It's been said here that Tab Medium (300$) has the potentially greatest value. Here is a great page with a video that helps explain it much better. http://help.koodomobile.com/getting-started-with-koodo/the-tab-what-it-is-and-how-it-works