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Want to use Tab Balance and Buy New Phone, But Do Not Want to Change Plan (Old 10% Discount Plan)...Possible?

Want to buy a new phone from Koodo (I have a $100 tab balance), but don't want to give up my 10% monthly discount plan. FAQ seems to say that if I guy my next phone from Koodo that I MUST change my plan to a new plan and that I would lose my old plan. It seems only way I can keep my current plan is to buy my new phone elsewhere... Is Koodo really suggesting that they dont want me to buy a phone from them if I want to keep my plan and to give my money to a competitor? Doesn't seem to make sense to me...?

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? 1: No. ? 2: Yes. ? 3: That is how it works in Canada.
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Hellothere wrote:

? 1: No. ? 2: Yes. ? 3: That is how it works in Canada.

Hi there, please make sure to provide more information on your replies next time 🙂 Your help is appreciated! Thank you!
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You won't loose your old plan by getting a device through Koodo but yes you would loose the 10% by doing so.

Sorry if I'm repeating Hello there but I wanted to be sure what he/she is saying.