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I believe that the positive tabs should be used for more than just purchasing a new phone. It should be able to pay off monthly bill or be transfered to a loved one's negative tab, in order to equal out their tab balance.

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You can get 10% off your bill if you have a positive tab. Using tab to pay another tab has never been done and probably wouldn't be, due to how the tab is currently set up.
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This is a great idea that's been brought up quite a few times before so I don't think Koodo has any plans of doing this any time soon but who knows hopefully we get a surprise one of these days. Until then If you want to help lower a loved ones tab you could always refer people to know using your loved ones account and if the person signs up with Koodo your loved one and the person signing up with Koodo will both receive $25 towards their tab. It's a great way to bring down tabs faster.