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Use Koodo SIM card on Tab with another phone

  • 18 September 2014
  • 2 replies

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Hi, I currently have a Galaxy Ace with Koodo Tab. But I have an unlocked phone with no contract so I would like to use that phone. Can I put the Koodo SIM card on Tab to the new phone? Will it work without me getting charged for extras? Does every phone with all carrier work that way? Like if you put a SIM card (on contract) into an unlocked, no contract phone, is it going to work? Or will I have to pay for possibly "ending" the contract/tab?

2 replies

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Hi there, For SURE you can insert the SIM card in any unlocked phone, no penalties, no repercussions 🙂 We all do it!
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It will work usually as long as it's a NA model phone (North american) otherwise it may not. The tab is not tied to the sim, it's tied to the account. Basically everything will be the same as it is now except you'll be using your new phone. 🙂 If the sim doesn't fit you can get a new one for $10 and register it on self serve.