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Upgrading to Smart Phone

I want to upgrade the phone to a smart phone and I will deal with London Drugs for the upgrade. Would it be better to buy it through Koodo? And if I upgrade the phone to a Samsung Galaxy ACE 11x and use my tab to buy it would I have to pay off the $26.00 that is still owing on the previous phone?

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Sometimes you can get better deals from Koodo's retail partners such as London drugs, so it's good to look around. I know the mobile shop has some deals on a lot of the time if you have one of those around you might want to check them out. As far as the $26 no you don't or can't pay that off, you'll just end up paying that amount for the device if it uses your full tab amount to aquire the device. Koodo new tab structure you have the option to use your small Tab your on right now and pay that $26 for the device and the rest going on the tab bringing it up to $150 owing on your tab. Your other option is to go on the medium Tab & paying nothing for the device at the time if purchase but then you will have a monthly recurring charge of $5 added to your bill. So your best to keep your small Tab and pay the $26 + taxes at the time of purchase & owe $150 on the tab.
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Mobile Shop was offering up to $100 in PC.gift cards for all Koodo smartphones on new activations AND upgrades during the tail end of June but that has since expired. The difference is we cannot do exact Tab redemptions. It has to be $50 intervals for a Tab redemption, so in your case, we would only be allowed to add $100 to your Tab (if you stuck with Tab Small), which has been a thorn in my side for my entire career. However, I call channel support and they usually work out something for us, either through credits or some other means. We also don't have trades or any kind of trade-in program, which sucks, but a lot of times a customer would get more money from selling their device on the used market then getting a lowball figure from a corporate store.