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Upgrading to Iphone 5s

I have a Samsung galaxy s2 x and I wanted an iphone5s. I am on small tab right now but to have the iPhone 5s, you need a medium tab? How can I keep my plan but get the iPhone 5s with a medium tab?

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You won't be able to keep your plan and go with the medium Tab, at the minimum you'll pay an extra $5 for the Tab Charge. And you'll also have to pay $200 on top of whatever the posted Tab Large cost is the for phone. Example, if the posted price is $98 for the iPhone 5s on a Large Tab, you'd have to pay $298 to go the Medium Tab.
That makes sense. That means I would have to change my plan and add 5$/Month for a medium tab to get the iPhone 5s, plus pay the 350$ for iPhone 5s on medium tab?
Also pay off the rest of my current tab.
Thanks, that helps a lot
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What plan do you currently have? If the plan you have is $30 (not including add-ons) or more a month the amount you need to pay is $5 extra, just like what was mentioned. But if you go with a tab large, you will need to change your plan to a tab large plan, starting at $70/month plus a $10 tab charge. Hope that helps explain it a bit more.
Thank you
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Marco Falcone wrote:

Thank you

You're welcome! 🙂