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Upgrading phone with Tab offer

My current plan is Canada-Wide Talk + Text 25 Dbl $ 25 and I want to upgrade to a new phone. I assuming I have a small tab and looking at the Moto G phone, with my tab, i dont have to pay anything. So is it possible for me to get this new phone and keep the same plan I currently have?

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Yes you can keep your plan since you are getting the moto G on a tab small. Note that if you have any existing tab balance remaining you will have to pay that off before you get a new tab
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Moto G is a great budget phone. Nothing beats it in the price range but some are getting close, like the Xperia M2 and some of the other newer Desire phones from HTC. It's tough to recommend the Nexus 5 if you're worried about price but I'll do it anyway: you probably won't have to upgrade that thing for 2 years. It's like the Moto G for higher end class phones.