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To upgrade my small tab to medium tabs as well as switch phones can I go to any Koodo kiosk/store/carrier location? or do I have to go back to the exact place I first set up my tab/account?

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You can go to any location. Note that some 3rd party retailers wont sell you a phone unless you put it on at least a Tab S
Thanks. I plan on going to an actual Koodo store location in the mall so I don't see that being a problem. I have a Samsung Galaxy Axe 2x and it's just terrible has so many issues now. Plan on paying off the tab and switching to Tab Medium and getting either a Galaxy S3, Nexus 5 or iPhone 4s. Do you have any suggestions between those 3 which would be the best to grab?
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The S3 and iPhone 4s are quite old now. I would totally get a Nexus 5 out of those 3 options. I would only select the S3 if you require expandable memory through a mircoSDCard