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The iPhone 4S has a 450 tab, but does that mean tab medium or large?

I really want an iPhone, and all of the other carriers make you pay at least $70 a month for an iPhone, so I was wondering if I can can get it on tab medium with the $30 plan so ($35/month)

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The price shown is on Tab Large, Apple makes Koodo show the lowest possible price on the website. If you use Tab Large you'll have to pick a tab large plan as well. Those start at 65$ and go to 95$ all of them also have a tab charge of 10$ additional per month. Tab Medium will take 300$ off the retail price of 450$ So you'd need to pay 150$ And you can have it with the plan you mentioned at 30$ (plus a 5$ monthly tab charge) a month 🙂
Thanks for the quick response. I will get the iPhone 4s on tab medium.