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Back a year or so ago I would get a text every couple months from Koodo. They would send me some random text about adding a certain add-on for my Blackberry or about a new phone. At the time I thought they were annoying and really didn't care because all I needed was my unlimited text and social networking. I haven't seen any of these in a long time. Looking back now I can see how useful this could've been. Koodo never sent me many texts, probably so that it never got annoying for me as a customer. I missed out on some deals (I personally never heard about the 6GB for $60, not that I would've been able to afford it anyways) though because I just had my bills paid and got so out of touch with the company. Why not give an option to enable Koodo sent texts and send them out when special promotions are available? I don't mean $50 off on some random phone but rather when 'new' or 'better' plans or add-ons are introduced. Promotions that the company offers which could include info about big name phones coming out (the S3) or about deals sent specifically to customers nearing the end of their tabs. These texts could be much more regular such as whenever near plans, promotions, discounts or whatever come out. Maybe once or twice a month depend on the circumstances. Not too annoying and great information! I think this would be a really good way to keep customers in touch with the happenings of the company. The user would have the option of disabling these texts if they personally didn't want them so no complaints. This could help some people save money here and there, allow them to pick up good plans, and just give a generally better view on the company's customer service.

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I think this is a good idea because for those customers who aren't checking the Koodo website regularly or don't really look into things, this offers those customers some news and information about new things that are going around with Koodo.
John Lee wrote:

I think this is a good idea because for those customers who aren't checking the Koodo website reg...

Exactly and many of these users won't be able to get some of the new deals that Koodo offers. I'm also sure that Koodo would prefer to get users out of grandfathered plans and into new ones and this could help them do just that as well.