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Tab S with a new phone

Hi all. I have a question. With the new tab ($360 off) Koodo no longer kicks in $5 every month to bring down the tab balance. At the moment I have a positive balance of $21 on a Tab S ($150 + $21 = $171 available for a new phone). If I get a new phone will Koodo make me agree to the new tab conditions where they don't make a tab contribution?

Or can I keep my Tab S, use the $171 towards the phone, and just pay the balance immediately?


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So here's the deal

The 150 part, that's gone. If you finance a new phone using a new tab, it'll be with the new tab system.

So actually you have 21$ you can use towards a new phone (with or without using a tab)

After that you'd have to use the new tab system to finance the rest of the device you want.

Also be aware that YOU have to repay the tab in full over the course of he next 24 months.

So let's say you finance a 150$ phone


124/24=5.38 per month on top of your bill

Hope that helps.

Edit: Or you have the option to use the 21$ as a credit and pay for the phone outright too
Ok. Thanks for the reply. I couldn't really find definitive answer about the $150 tab. Good to know for future reference!