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Tab Questions????

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i have a question about the tab. Why is it you can't have more then a plus 150 tab, but yet you go can go to a minus 500? Why can i not build my tab up higher that way when i want to upgrade it would help to pay for my phone. Something don't seem right there. If we can minus that much we should be able to keep the plus tab going and going........

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Hi Sue, you should suggest it in our "Idea" section: http://koo.do/UIWjjp 🙂 We review all of them! Thank you!
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Sue, In my view, it's in the customer's best interest to retain the $150 limit for money that can be earned on a tab. The less money locked away with conditions, the better! How would you feel if you: accumulated a $500 credit on your tab over a few years and then discovered that Koodo wasn't selling the phone you wanted ? My guess is that you would feel angry when you were told that your tab money couldn't be put towards any other purpose like your monthly bill and that -- if you switched to another provider -- you would forfeit the entire $500. You'd have the option, of course, to buy another phone with the tab money before you left but that's small comfort if you couldn't get the phone you wanted. Far better to build up a stash of $150 on your tab. If you're ready to buy a new phone, great. Use it as your down payment and borrow the rest on tab. If not ready to buy, ask for a 10% discount on your bill for using your own old phone. Yeah, it's only a 10% discount vs a 15% tab contribution but it's yours to keep and use however you want. Think of it as a DIY personal tab without any strings attached!