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I am looking upgrade and I am currently only paying 5 dollars a month for my tab, but on the newer phones it says 21 dollars a month! Has Koodo changed? And since i am an existing costumer can my current plan be grandfathered in with a newer phone??

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You can chise whatever tab you want. 21$ per month is the highest you can go. But you're not obligated to take the highest. As for whether you can keep your plan or not I think you would need to change if you're still on 10%BYOD
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Hey Maggie! Just to clarify, you can keep the same plan if you upgrade on the regular tab ($15/month tab or less);  however you will lose your additional 10% discount.  You would need to choose a new plan if you upgrade to the Tab Plus ($21/month tab).  You can also choose from our new plans at any time http://koo.do/1DOo8cA (make sure to select the correct province).  You can also bring an unlocked device to Koodo and continue with the same plan that you are on which includes the 10% discount.  Hope this helps 🙂
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from what i know, you should be able to keep your plan as long as you are going with the KoodoTab. But by getting a new phone through an upgrade your likely to lose that discount at 5$ a month and will have to go with whatever phone you picks tab amount. Some phones are 15$.month tab. and the most expensive is 21$. My advice is go with the 15$ tab and if you can, pay off some of your phones tab cost upfront, as it will lower the tab(as far as I was told)