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Tab paid to $0? Get a $10 to $50 credit as congratulations!

Thanks to the new, improved Tab, Koodo tabs with a negative balance after two years get bumped up to $0. We love it!

But I think it would be good for customers and Koodo to reward those who pay off their Tab early - a small credit on their Tab as a reward for getting from a maxed out tab to $0 in under two years.

For really good customers, that may mean a $50 Tab credit after just 12 months. For customers more like me, that may only mean a $10 credit after 22 months. But either way, it's a nice present that keeps me coming back to Koodo.

It means new phones for loyal customers that much faster. It helps Koodo with customer retention. And it makes Koodo attractive to people looking to switch to a better carrier. It's easy to implement, easy to understand, and benefits everyone!

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