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Tab overcharged

  • 13 December 2020
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Recently I left koodo and I have tab charge left to pay. I and my wife started koodo service September, 2019 and left December, 2020. The tab charge for both should be same but it's different. My wife's tab charge is $114.5 and my bill is $229. It doesn't make sense. Mine is double!! I can see that there are double tab charges in my bill. Correct it, please!

I am not in Canada now so I can't call now.

Please review it as soon as possible. 

Thank you. 


3 replies

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You should be able to click view my tab balance and the  tab history in self serve to see a breakdown of payments toward your tab and may be able to figure it out from there.

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You said that "I can see that there are double tab charges in my bill. ".  Aren't those charge for each of you?   $114.50 for you and another $114.50 for your wife?

Or do you have 2 separate account and paying 2 bills?

Either way, download PDF e-bill and check all the charges.

Also, you said you left Koodo. Did you call them and cancel your account?                                        Your screenshot is bill of November to December. It's not your final bill. You should receive your final bill soon ( if you canceled your service before bill date). Check the final amount to pay off your Tab and Tab bonus and  overage charges if any.  You can access your self serve for 90 days after the cancellation. So check it there is nothing left behind.

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Hello! We were able to apply the adjustment and it will show up in the following days since the credit needs to be approved. 

Please note that the phone credit charge-back is not visible on this final December bill and it might be applied by the system, so another bill can be issued if that’s the case. you can find out more about the Tab Bonus policy here: https://koo.do/3hFIJbL