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tab changes at checkout

I'm trying to move to the LG X Power 2, which is $150 off, making it $90 on my tab or $4/month on tab small. 

When I go to my cart it says Tab Small $4 a month after the $150 discount. But when I go to finish the order it changes to $10 per month tab. Am I missing something? Or is the tab just going to paid off in half the time? 

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I think the tab would be paid off in half of the time! If you really want to be charged 4$/month I would say you contact Koodo @ www.m.me/Koodo
I'm having the same issue trying to get the Galaxy S7.  Says it's a $9/month charge until I input my c/c info where it then changes to $10/month.  It's not a big change but I'd like to know why it's changing on checkout.