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Tab bonus Iphone 12 mini

  • 30 January 2021
  • 3 replies


On Jan 28 i was looking at buying the iphone 12 mini online. At the time, it was showing a promotion of $120 of Tab Bonus.


I had to step away from the computer, and came back the next day, and this bonus was no longer listed.


Do Tab Bonus promotions come and go? I may not purchase anymore without that discount. 

3 replies

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That's right they come and go. No real announcements unless it's the standard sale times throughout the year like with black Friday etc.

I see that the tab plus mentions 100 dollars off over 10 months for it. Or was it that plus 120off?

Interesting, that deal is not showing up for me, instead it is showing an exclusive special plan that I am not interested in.

It was showing $120 towards my “tab bonus” the other day, but the promotion must have expired.

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Special offers loaded in self serve may vary and may end/ change at any time without a notice.


Best way is to check regularly your self serve account to make sure you do not miss any that may be of interest for you.