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Tab Bonus and Paying off Tab Early

  • 23 August 2020
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I am looking at the Samsung Galaxy S10+ which has a ~$700 Tab Bonus, and was wondering if I were to buy it, and pay the Tab off (600 in this case) after 90 days from activation, would I also have to pay the Tab Bonus? And, if my plan would go back down to the pre-upgrade monthly (75 to 50 for example).



7 replies

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You'd be able to pay it off then. Seems like I've heard you just can't get another phone on tab right away.

Any particular reason you want to pay it off asap?

Yes once the tab is paid off you'd only be paying your plan rate

I just would like the phone paid off, and do not like installment payment plans. Does the Tab Bonus just get paid off over the course of 24 months, or would I need to pay it off when I pay the Tab off? At the end of 24 months the Bonus is paid up and I can upgrade to whatever phone I'd like, right? Basically, the Bonus is invisible and nonpayable to me unless I cancel or upgrade during that 24 months, right?

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The Tab Bonus balance simply goes down each month, and you’ll only have to pay the remaining Tab Bonus balance if you cancel, upgrade or change to an ineligible rate plan before it reaches $0.




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@Kturi - Hey I had a similar question to you and wanted to know if you went ahead and paid off the tab without any issues?  I called a CSR to ask this question and I was told i wouldn’t be able to pay off my tab balance in full and instead put some partial deposit instead because otherwise I would have to pay my tab bonus (what!?).

I just got a Google Pixel 5 and want to pay off my tab after the 90 day period for the exact same reason, i.e., reduce/remove the monthly installments. I don’t plan on changing plans so that the Tab bonus would pay itself down regardless but I wasn’t given a clear answer. I hope you see this and are able to provide your experience!

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@Helen Koodo - I should be able to do the same after the 90 day activation period, correct?

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Yes, you are able to simply pay off your tab balance without having to pay back the tab bonus.

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Thank you @Allan M