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Tab balance is still being charged should be zero by now

  • 31 October 2020
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I don’t understand why I am still being charged my tab balance monthly. I have had 15$ left on my tab since august., I have paid my full plan + tab in September and October. This should have been paid off. Now my account says I have paid off my month (plan +15 of tab), but i still owe 15$ on my tab? I requested a callback and got one, rang rang rang and then hung up on me. No answer. I called and waited 45 mins, no answer. Now i am awaiting another callback so we will see… please someone help this is ridiculous it should be paid off and I am owed money back. 


2 replies

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Why don’T you show tab history of September and October? 

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@Adkaly Your Tab started in October 2018:


Your current October bill would still have a charge. The  credit you received may have to be reversed.