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Tab Balance Gone?

Anyone know why a positive Tab balance would disappear?

My wife has had no Tab since I signed her up ages ago (ported over from Bell like in 2013ish)
She had a positive Tab credit of $25 for quite some time (I am *guessing* a referral credit but again this was so long ago I really don't remember)

Here is where it got weird
My wife started getting txt messages about now having a $50 Tab credit. She originally called me all worried someone had done some fraud (upgrade) on her account. I looked and said no that is in your favour don't worry about it. Then (again) this fall she got another txt about how they were increasing Tab to $100 if she chose a new phone.

I looked online and it only lets her choose Tab medium phones with the $100 credit (which is strange since her plan is a BYOD/Large plan)
But now her Tab balance is showing as $0 and system says she needs to change her plan to do a Tab upgrade?

The new plan looks better at first (1000 mins long distance) but her data overages are way higher on new plan

Is there anyways to get old offer of $100 off phone back or are we forced to use new plans now?

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I found another post about same issue here:
Because I got a "promo" and did not use it, it sounds like Koodo wiped out my pre-existing TAB credit balance