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tab balance and phone credit confirmation

  • 18 November 2020
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So I just got off the phone with a representative but I dont think they are correct.

I am looking for an hardware upgrade and I still have a tab balance of $200, I was like if I pay off the tab balance can I just upgrade. 

The rep said because when I got the phone in 2019 there was a phone credit that I still have to pay $230 on top of my tab balance because contractually its a 24 month time frame.

Full Retail price: 820

Total Tab amount: 360

Phone credit: 460

Upfront phone cost*:0

My previous experience was if I pay off the tab, I can just get a hardware upgrade.


So is it true that I have to pay off my tab plus the pro rated phone credit?

1 reply

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@Brandon Gee Based on what you posted above this is likely what you find in your agreement: 

All the questions you may have are  answered here:


The phone credit only needs to be paid back on early upgrades or cancellations otherwise it’s not something you have see on your monthly invoice. What you do see is just the Tab payable.  Hope this helps!