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  • 23 January 2021
  • 2 replies

I owe a tab of $205 and would like to pay a few dollars on it, I can’t pay it all at once. Is this an option?

2 replies

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You can either pay off your tab in 24 equal monthly installments or choose to pay off the remainder all at once. There is no other option.

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Youre not getting charged interest on it. You will pay the same amount whether you pay it all off today, in 12 months, or the full 24 months. I understand that there is a desire to be “debt free” but this isn't like a 28% interest credit card. If you feel you personally must pay it off sooner, then you can save, for example, 10 dollars a month in your bank account towards that end until you have enough to pay off the tab early.