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What difference does it make if I order my 1st Smart phone (replacing an old flip phone) from a Koodo Kiosk in a mall or on-line? Do I get my same Tab credit? How do I transfer all my contacts from the old flip phone to the new smart phone?

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Hi Dick, Setting up a new account is much easier in the mall location, especially since Koodo is currently working out some kinks in their new online store. The tab credit will be the same regardless. As for your contacts, you would have to give a bit more details about the phone you have and the phone you are getting, but when I had switched to a non-smartphone to a android device, the person at the counter was able to hook up both phones and transfer all the contacts over to the new phone for me!
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I don't think you can order online, This message is confusing when you add items to your online cart. Anyway, going to a kiosk is better, they explain what's involved and you have opp to ask questions Buying online will be available in the near future. In the meantime, you can still add items to your cart or visit a Koodo store.
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Camron's right, the online store is currently unavailable to actually purchase anything from so you will need to go in-store. If you already have a line with Koodo, you would have to pay off your tab balance first in order to purchase a new phone on a new tab. Or you could just purchase the phone for full price.