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switching from TabL to TabM

If you go into a tab large can you later switch into a tab medium if the retail price of the phone is 300.00? EG. I want the Iphone 4 but i owe 74.00 on my phone preventing me to upgrade to a medium tab, so if i pay off this 74.00 like i said to i would on the 15th when i get paid can i switch out of the large tab and just contiue into the medium tab like i had planned to do in the beginning?

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Great question, Violet, I have been wondering about this too! The Tab system is so new that I wouldn't know the answer, but I'll await official word what will happen in such a case. Thanks for bringing it up!
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While I'm not an official answer my thought would be no. There is no way to pay off any amount owning on the tab without cancelling your term. So you can't take a large tab now, pay down a chunk and change it. The system is not made to work this way. You can take a tab M whenever you want you would just pay the $74 difference for your phone at the time you get your new device. In my mind this is similar to signing up under an old three year contract. No one has the option to pay a fee to shorten their term. So my take on it is that if you agree to a tab L you are likely stuck with a tab L and a tab L plan until the full thing is taken care of, or you get another new device early when you have some tab m space free.
You cannot switch from a Tab L to a Tab M while you carry a negative balance. The balance has to be cleared first before you can downgrade.
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Marcus Fenix wrote:

You cannot switch from a Tab L to a Tab M while you carry a negative balance. The balance has to ...

Ya it wouldn't work being able to change levels, or everyone would just do that.
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Violet, do what Jorden suggested. Get your iPhone4 on TabM. It will simply cost you $74+tx instead of 0$ and you'll have your iPhone4 on TabM. Don't bother with TabL for such a little amount as $74.
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Hi Violet, you can always upgrade your Tab but never downgrade it until it reaches 0. You should do as Jorden suggested and use the Tab M to help you get the iPhone 4. Note that your plan must be at least $30 a month and a $5 monthly charge would apply as well. You can also go for the Tab S -similar to the old Tab- and pay the $224 difference. You would then enjoy a 15% contribution on the Tab 🙂 ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.