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Switched over TO telus, tab went to 0

Just recently swtiched over to Telus from Koodo, was charged my monthly fee but I know I still had some tab left.. but it says on the site here that my tab is 0?

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ALSO, because I switched over to Telus, would my preauthorized payments to koodo stop? Because theres no way I can access that section because it says " Sorry, you are not authorized to access this information."
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The tab is zeroed out when you cancel service because any remaining negative balance is charged out on your final bill. Pre-auth payments should remain active until the final bill is paid, after which there will be no balance remaining and no further payments will be taken.
Number was ported out midway through the month, just took the payment for this month today.. will there be another payment that has to be made? The payment today didn't include remainder of the tab.
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The payment taken today would be for the final month of service (generated about 25 days ago). There will be one final charge next month that will include the tab debit and any applicable overage charges for the final month of service.