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Switch to any TAB and keep your plan.

How about letting customers keep their plan and switch to any TAB so they can afford an upgrade.

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As long as you have as 30$ + plan, you can go with any tab you want. What is your idea more precisely?
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Sounds like he basically wants an iPhone 6/Galaxy S5/Note 4 on Tab L for 2 years with like a $30/$40 plan. I wish.
I have a $25 dollar plan that was promotional a couple years ago but I would like to keep it and upgrade to tab M to get a better phone.
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Unfortunately you do not have that ability. You need to go up to $35 + $5 Tab charge for a Tab M plan. However this is not forced. You still have Tab small, which is what Koodo offered for years and it worked out well. Which phone were you looking for? We can crunch some #s and see if it makes sense to do Tab S or M.
sorry replied from a different account. Note4 would be ideal but it would probably still be too expensive. I would like the Note3 but you don't offer it. So depending on the price S4 or S5. but if you offer a good discount on a plan I may change it and the tab.
I have a $35 plan with tab s. Would love to go up to tab m to get the S4 but only if I could put the full price on the tab. No money down. 300 is too much for up front cost.