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Switch from Tab 150 to Tab S for existing customer?

Can existing Tab 150 customer switch over to the Tab S to get the 15% contribution? I just signed up 3 weeks ago, can I switch over?

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I think so, David, as long as your current plan is equal or higher than $30... 🙂
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Don't you need to buy a new phone to be able to switch?
It is actually tab S, M, or L - tab S is the same thing as tab 150 (the original tab only allowed to -$150.00 and you were credited 10 % towards the tab) Changing the name to S, M, or L made it easier for people explaining it....so basically, if you had the tab 150, you now have the tab S, and you are getting 15% credited to your tab every month (does not matter what plan you have on it). Tab M is from -$150.01 to -$300 - need to have a minimum plan of $30, will be an extra tab charge of $5.00 per month, and you will be credited 15% per month. and Tab L is from -$300.01 to -$500 - you need to be on a plan specific to tab L, you are charged an extra $10 per month, and credited 15% towards the tab. So you understand - the extra charges (either $5.00 or $10.00 per month) is charged on your bill but it is added to your tab so that you do not end up carrying a huge tab amount forever and making it easier for you.
last week i upgraded a phone on my account with (-150) tabs...i just logged in my account, and i see that my tabs are now "tab S" but contribution is still showing up as 10% ...i simply don 't understand this...are they contributing 10% or 15% or are they late in updating existing accounts??? and how long will it take for me to pay off these tabs? ...on this plan i pay $30 (plus taxes) a month including add on's...do i owe anything on these tabs after 24 months?
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Hi there, the new Tab S with the %15 is not retroactive. If you currently have the previous version of the Tab, it will stay the same until you upgrade your phone. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
well, i think i have clearly mentioned that i have upgraded my phone with (-150) tabs just last Wednesday...it's still under 14 days trial period... but now i see how you got me...you have increased the price of the phone by $50 so that even if i return this phone and buy another phone i still pay you $50 more in exchange of a 5% hike of tab contribution... 😮