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Samsung galaxy S4, screen totalled!

On a two year contract, dropped my samsung galaxy s4 and cracked the screen in two places. Its now all black and I cant txt or call, its been four months since i first got it, what can i do now?

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Hey there Spiritseeker2! bring it into a koodo kiosk, they will send it out for repair. the repair centre will call you with the quote of how much it will cost to get it fixed. If the phone is going to cost more to get fixed then it is to pay off the tab, you can deny the quote, they will send your phone back unfixed. the kiosk will call you telling you that your phone is ready to be picked up. You can then upgrage to a new phone and paying of the old tab either that day in store, or on your next months invoice as long as there is no pastdue balance on the account from a previous months bill 😃 . hope this helps! good luck !
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1. Start shopping around repair places in your area to fix the screen. It'll be probably be around $150+ 2. Look at your negative Tab balance. That has to be repaid to upgrade and then you can pick a new phone/Tab level.