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Samsung Galaxy S4

I have ( had ) a Samsung Galaxy S 4 what is no longer working ( after 7 ) months. I took for service and I have to pay $230. My tab is $202. Anyhow, now I have to pay $ $47 /month what I am not using? If I would pay of my tab, how can I stop paying $47...?

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The $47 is plan and prorbably a small portion of is the money you own on the phone. If you have to pay for the phone to be fixed it sounds like you had physical damage which is not covered under warranty. You can pay off the tab and cancel your account. Basically you will not have a cellphone anymore. Better choice is probably to get preowned phone. Cost you less than the fix and you get to have a phone.
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or you could get another phone (make sure it is unlocked and compatible on koodo's network) and continue with koodo. You will have to pay off your tab, but at least during this time you will still have service and will not pay off the $200+ to do so (you may even have a few friends that are willing to let you have/borrow a phone for a while)
Thank you guys for your advices . ...it is really helpful