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S8+ pre-order/delivery question

I pre-ordered an S8+, the charge has been processed by my credit card but I have not gotten any other word from Koodo. When will I get confirmation or a delivery ETA? Will I get a tracking #? Thanks.

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Hi Geoff - did you receive an order confirmation email? It would have been sent to the same email you're using for this community (try checking your spam/junk folders if you haven't seen it).

I can verify that the order was received on April 5th and account info. has been verified. Next communication will be a shipping confirmation with tracking info. once the phone officially launches and the order is processed. Hope that helps. 
Hey Geoff I pre-ordered mine the day after yours, I was wondering if you have received that tracking information yet, as I am still eagerly awaiting for my own email.  Hopefully I will get it soon.